Produced, mixed, and recorded by Georges Couling.
Piano, wurly, B3 organ, and background vocals performed by Georges Couling.

Portage & Main’s self-titled debut conjures images of two lonely wanderers travelling the long and weary road trading melancholy tales of old romance. It comes as no surprise then that the project was brought to life by a group of old friends moving transiently from basement to basement across Vancouver as they began to put into motion events that they themselves could not foresee. The modest truths of the songs speak volumes of the people that brought it all together.

John Sponarski and Harold Donnelly are the raconteurs behind this folk-rock endeavor, but the Portage & Main moniker encompasses the talents of Georges Couling on keys, Ben Brown on drums, and Mike Agranovich on bass to create a sound reminiscent of the lighter side of CSNY’s Déjà Vu.

Portage & Main strikes a chord in the same Canadian vein as Neil Young and The Band, with its southern guitar and haunting vocals. While the boys didn’t physically ride the timeless rails like tramps, the songs are as honest and genuine as if they had, displaying the insight of old souls whose hearts are fixed and bound to a boxcar travelling across the country. So sit by the light of Portage & Main’s fire and listen to alluring tales of the human experience as your weary travelers traverse the peaks of the misty mountains and wade through the depths of the rivers below.